LMG Marketing Group creates opportunities for consumers to interact with our clients' brands.  Public events, media events and mass sampling opportunities within major festivals are all ideal to create top-of-mind awareness with the consumer.


MCDONALD’S FIESTA TOUR VISITS EL PASO Community events not only give brands increased visibility, but they also allow consumers to interact with the brand, create trial and help with top-of-mind awareness. The McDonald’s Fiesta Tour accomplishes all of these things. The local McDonald’s Co-Op hosts the Fiesta Tour and LMG coordinates the visit to the local market, including venue selection, logistics and public relations.


MASSIVE PRODUCT LAUNCH EVENTS FOR BARCEL’S TAKIS SNACKS Massive sampling at well-attended events has proven a successful tactic when introducing new products in the U.S. This was the case of Takis, a product of Barcel Snacks from Mexico. Events in New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and South Texas included professional soccer games, festivals and spring break hot spots and activities.


FORD MOTOR COMPANY TEXAS BLOGGER CHALLENGE LMG is the Hispanic public relations agency for Ford in Texas, specifically Dallas and Houston. LMG has developed innovative engagement concepts to promote the Ford brand. An example of unique media outreach tactics is a blogger event, where bloggers utilized technology available exclusively in Ford vehicles to complete a series of challenges.